A Wealth Builder Masterclass Series

Successful Direct Stock Investing

How to Select Winning Stocks for Your High Performing Share Portfolio

 Three Part Masterclass Series

With Ann Wilson and Nic Oldert

Presented by Ann Wilson and Nic Oldert

About Ann Wilson

Using the principles she teaches, Ann went from a salaried civil engineer to a financially free, multi millionaire and in just 8 years!  


Ann is the global wealth expert on the new TV show “Save Well, Spend Better”. She is able to take intimidating, complex and very often boring investing concepts and teach them to “everyday people” just like herself, through writing, speaking and training.


Through her best-selling book The Wealth Chef, and two highly- acclaimed training programmes Financial Freedom University and Passive Investment Management Mastery School, Ann has enabled thousands of big hearted people to create their own financial freedom and live the lives they really want.

About Nic Oldert

Having been a consistently successful stock investor for well over 30 years, what Nic doesn’t know about stock market investing, stock picking and portfolio design - in every type of market condition - isn’t worth knowing.

Nic created his own financial freedom (and not too shabby net worth) through consistent successful and savvy stock market investing and has helped loads of others do the same by sharing what he learned along the way.

Nic is also a prudent business creator and is the co-founder of a Stock Market Analysis and Investment Information business, chairperson and investment strategy advisor for an investment app and an all round great guy!