A Wealth Builder Masterclass Series

Successful Direct Stock Investing

How to Select Winning Stocks for Your High Performing Share Portfolio

 Three Part Masterclass Series

With Ann Wilson and Nic Oldert

Get instant access to part 1 and attend part 2 and 3 live at the times below!

Date: 10th and 12th August 2021
Times: 7:00 New York /  12:00 London /

13:00 Paris & Cape Town / 19:00 Hong Kong & Perth / 21:00 Sydney

This three part masterclass series is a deep dive into successful stock picking, to give you the skills and the confidence to build up a portfolio of great quality companies at the right time and at the right price, on top of your base portfolio of index trackers.


By the end of the three part training you will know:

  • How to select individual stocks to add to your equity portfolio

  • What information to use to make informed choices

  • How to open an Options Trading Account and Get Permission to Trade
  • Nuts & Bolts: Puts & Calls
  • How to Buy Options


Part 1: Technical Analysis. Understanding the Science and Art of Technical Analysis and Charting to Make Informed Investment Decisions

You’ll learn:

  • What key indicators to use to know what is happening in the stock market as a whole, within specific sectors and specific stocks

  • How to read “charts” and interpret what they are telling you

  • Using trend analysis to understand the “winds and currents” of the markets and individual sectors and stocks to know what actions you need to be taking. 

  • Knowing how to use the information to make the right  choices, depending on what stage of your freedom journey you are on.

In addition, Nic and Ann will share with you what the charts are saying about the state of the market right now and what you should be doing with this information to be a better investor and improve your returns.

The information the charts are revealing right now may surprise you.

Part 2: Using Fundamental Analysis to determine whether a sector or company is a “good” choice to start narrowing down your portfolio selection.

You’ll learn:

  • What fundamental analysis is and why it’s important in stock picking

  • Which data sets are important and which you can ignore

  • How to interpret these data sets, inducing key ratios like PE’s and PEG’s to know what shares to select for your portfolio, when to buy them and at what price.

  • How to use ETF’s as a “cheat” to get vital market fundamental data

  • Plus key questions to ask yourself to know what sort of an investor you are and to understand where you are on your freedom journey - both of which will influence the actions you take and the type of portfolio you design


Part 3: Bringing it all together. How to Use the Technical,  Fundamental and Macro Analysis to Design your Freedom Share Portfolio.

In this final part of the three-part training, Nic and Ann will show you how to use all you’ve learned to design your own direct share portfolio to add on top of your core and themes ETF’s You’ll:

  • Know what stocks to select in your freedom portfolio

  • Discover what conviction stocks are, how to select them and where they fit in your portfolio

  • Know whether to use tranching and how to do it.

  • Why asset managers talk about overweight and underweight and how or even if it’s relevant to your wealth creation

  • Portfolio rebalancing

Plus they will cover

  • Overarching themes and trends to be aware of such as how long bull and bear markets typically last;

  • Why cash is very expensive when the market is running and why you need and want cash in your portfolio;

  • What actions to take if you are just starting out, if you are well on your way with your core regular investing solidly in place, if you are at or nearing your financial freedom, or if you have a lump sum to invest and get working. 

Throughout this new Wealth Builders masterclass series, Ann and Nic will also share with you the BIG and SMALL mistakes they have made on their respective freedom journeys and how you can avoid them, or at least minimise their impact. 

They will also give you guidance on how to get over those hiccups and get back into action to create and keep your financial freedom. 

Plus the lessons they have learned and their investing rules which have resulted in both of them creating significant wealth and financial freedom through individual stock investing on top of a solid base of index trackers.

They will also dive deep into the behavioural psychology of investing and reveal the mental traps and monsters that could come your way. 

Knowledge is power, and when we know we can expect these sabbatours to come along we 

a) don’t panic

b) don’t think we are the only weird ones

c) understand the root cause of them, and 

d) have a bag of weapons at hand to defend our wealth from these attacks.


The Masterclass will be recorded so you can access this valuable information over and over and if you cannot make the live event you don’t have to miss out.

Get this live comprehensive training for just $29 and get the recording too.

Presented by Ann Wilson and Nic Oldert

About Ann Wilson

Using the principles she teaches, Ann went from a salaried civil engineer to a financially free, multi millionaire and in just 8 years!  


Ann is the global wealth expert on the new TV show “Save Well, Spend Better”. She is able to take intimidating, complex and very often boring investing concepts and teach them to “everyday people” just like herself, through writing, speaking and training.


Through her best-selling book The Wealth Chef, and two highly- acclaimed training programmes Financial Freedom University and Passive Investment Management Mastery School, Ann has enabled thousands of big hearted people to create their own financial freedom and live the lives they really want.

About Nic Oldert

Having been a consistently successful stock investor for well over 30 years, what Nic doesn’t know about stock market investing, stock picking and portfolio design - in every type of market condition - isn’t worth knowing.

Nic created his own financial freedom (and not too shabby net worth) through consistent successful and savvy stock market investing and has helped loads of others do the same by sharing what he learned along the way.

Nic is also a prudent business creator and is the co-founder of a Stock Market Analysis and Investment Information business, chairperson and investment strategy advisor for an investment app and an all round great guy!



"Loved the webinar Ann! As a complete investment novice I appreciated you starting with the absolute bare bone basics and excited that I feel clear and understanding it all so far."

- Felicity Turland


"Thank you so much for your ability to share complex ideas in such a simple way making the information easily accessible to those of us who are unfamiliar. Trust us, not everyone can do it as well as you."

- Gary & Debbie Beneke


"Your training has totally changed my life. You've given me so much confidence and knowledge regarding passive investing." 

- Maxine Hargreaves


"Thank you sooo much for the webinar Ann! I feel so inspired listening to you!"

- Vicki


"Thank you so, so much! You are so wonderful and inspirational!"

- Anna 



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