A Masterclass with Ann Wilson - The Wealth Chef

How To Have The Greatest Final Hooray! 
AKA Dying Well and Dying Free


DEATH is NOT the opposite of LIFE.

Death is a vital part of LIFE we ALL will experience. 

If we are committed to experiencing freedom in every aspect of our precious lives, then knowing how to die well and free is a key part of living free.

That’s what this masterclass is all about.

In this 90 minute Masterclass Ann Wilson will be delving into the financial, practical, behavioural, and emotional aspects of death and dying.


She will cover:
Your Loved Ones and your Legacy

  • How to make an examined and conscious decision about what you want to leave to whom and why.
  • Understanding the complexity of “beyond the grave” financial control to get clarity on 

The Financial

  • Insurances - such as life insurance and funeral insurance - what you need, how much you need and why you do or don’t need it
  • How to cater for outstanding debt and mortgages
  • What provisions to make for your final exit party

The Legal and Paperwork...

  • Wills
  • Executors
  • Probate
  • Powers of Attorneys and Living Wills
  • Financial and Health Directives
  • Trusts and other legal considerations

… you need to have in place to ensure your loved ones, your legacy and your assets are all taken care of.

The Practicalities

  • Letter of Wishes
  • Passwords and accounts
  • What info you need to have on hand and how to store it

The Final Celebration of YOU

  • Deciding what you want
  • How to communicate your wishes
  • Guiding your loved ones on how to divide up the spoils (this is an area so many people get devastatingly wrong with devastating consequences on relationships)

This can seem like a macabre topic, one to be avoided at all costs!


There is extraordinary freedom in accepting the inevitability of our own death.

There is freedom and liberation in knowing we have this aspect of our lives taken care of.

There is a deep peace knowing we are giving our loved ones one of the greatest gifts we can ever give them. The gift of communicating what we want and ensuring the administration of our passing is NOT a burden on them.



Presented by Ann Wilson

Using the principles she teaches, Ann went from a salaried civil engineer to a financially free, multi millionaire and in just 8 years!  


Ann is the global wealth expert on the new TV show “Save Well, Spend Better”. She is able to take intimidating, complex and very often boring investing concepts and teach them to “everyday people” just like herself, through writing, speaking and training.


Through her best-selling book The Wealth Chef, and two highly- acclaimed training programmes Financial Freedom University and Passive Investment Management Mastery School, Ann has enabled thousands of big hearted people to create their own financial freedom and live the lives they really want.